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I had Duct Doctors in The Colony, Texas come to my house in January, 2010. They promised a substantial savings in my electric bill by adding insulation and also recommended duct cleaning.

I had both done. Their incompetence has caused About $20,000.00 in damage to my house and heating/a/c systems. They blew insulation into my return air system that feed the air handlers on my heat pumps. They left some ducts disconnected which caused additional insulation to get into the system as well.

I called them several times to come remedy the problems and it took threats to get them to come and resolve the issues. The last time I called them was because the insulation had gotten into the condensate drainage system of the heat pumps, causing them to plug up. This in turn caused the water to back up and my ceiling got wet and fell in. My mattress and box spring was ruined as well as a ceiling fan, smoke detector and about 75% of the ceiling in that bedroom.

The a/c coils were plugged with insulation which caused conditions that those systems were not designed to run in. My compressor on one unit locked up and the performance of the other unit has degraded. I am now replacing both of my heating and a/c systems because of this. When my bedroom flooded, I called Duct Doctor and let them know of the problems I was having only to be told that they had already cleaned all the insulation out and could not come to my house until the following day.

The following day came and they never showed up or had the courtesy to call.

All hass been turned over to my insurance company and I will let them handle all of this. DO NOT let these people near your home!!!!.

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Hi. I'm the gm here at duct doctors.

Unfortunately the ceiling and mattress were very ugly and old and we are surprised that you seem to be upset about us helping you get rid of both. If you did not have so much ugly s h I t in your house we would not have had to flood it.

Get nicer stuff in the future. Thanks

to duct doctors #936989

what you just did here is called identity thief ***

Newark On Trent, England, United Kingdom #211433

Are there any other sites I can complain about Duct Doctors of North Texas? This is truly a company that should be shut down.

to jj #936990

seriously your in england, go play cricket or something.

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