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DD came out to clean the air ducts. After cleaning, there was a musty smell that filled the house. DD said it was the attic beams causing the smell and they could treat it.

They never came back to treat the attic. Had another air duct service confirm that the steam clean of vents was done incorrectly. I was able to contact DD on three different occassions. Thy would always say would be out next day but would never show up. This conversation took place three times.

The guy could care less. Terrible experience. I do not reccomend them

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I have had a alot of trouble out of duct cleaners, i have taken alot of advice off of yahoo answers and off consumer reports and let me just say never listen to comments about if you pay over 250 dollars you are wasting your money, if you pay for a cheap job you will get a poor service, Out of 6 duct cleaning companys, One does there job with pride, DUCTZ they are the largest company nation wide and do it right the first time, and you home smells wonderful when they leave, Ductz of central texas will even do a free inspection and continue to come back yearly to check, Ductz takes care of every large company across the usa and can back up what they say, very friendly and they know there business, happy with ductz of central texas


This customer must be mistaken on which company he reviewed. Iam a contractor and i always have Duct Doctors clean the house in which we were working to remove any construction dust. needless to say they always make me look great

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